Sky Scarf Saturday 11/22/2014

The last time I did a Sky Scarf Saturday was August… Now there’s only about one month and one week left in 2014. Let’s see what’s been going on! It’s gotten so long that it’s difficult to capture it all in one image.

IMG_4277 IMG_4278 IMG_4279 IMG_4280

I tried.


All in one!



One month left! I can’t wait to wear it… except I’m going to be in Southeast Asia in January on study abroad (which I’ll be starting a new blog for, so watch out for it). It’s going to be summer there! I’ll have to wait until I come back to winter in February to don my new 2014 Sky Scarf!


Fall Craft Haul

Every time I write a new post, it always starts with “it’s been quite a while.”

It’s not that I don’t have time to craft but that it’s become such a hassle to figure out good lighting to take a picture, edit, upload, and write. However, here’s a handful of things I’ve been working on over the past couple months.

I bought an iPad mini as a self birthday gift and made a sock out of some of the self-striping yarn I bought in Hong Kong a couple summers ago.



I bedazzled mini pumpkins!


I’ve also been slowly working on my granny square blanket. It’s a loooooong process.


Next up I’ll being doing a long overdue Sky Scarf update.

Yogic Time Management

It’s been quite a while since I last posted, and I’m only writing this because I’m procrastinating studying for my two exams coming up next week. (I know I need to do a sky scarf saturday but I don’t have a picture of my progress!)

This semester I’m taking yoga and I love it. I’ve been interested in yoga and meditation for a while, but ironically don’t have time to dedicate to it unless I strictly schedule it into my life. Before each practice, we are asked to reflect on a certain topic and write it down in our journals. This past week, it was about balance, both physical and life balance, and how to achieve it.

This past week has brought up a number of opportunities to eliminate stress factors in my life and achieve a more balanced life. Throughout high school and college, I had managed to cram just about everything I was interested in into my schedule. But there comes a time when you are no longer exploring options and opportunities, and you need to prioritize your commitments and figure out what is really important and positive for you. This applies to activities, work, people, relationships. Sometimes you just need to cut things out that are harmful to your mental well-being.

So I left a board I was part of and a team I was supposed to be on. I’ve limited communication to people I know would leave me in a bad mood. And with all that time I’ve saved, I’m able to focus my energy on the activities that matter to me – and sleep. In living in such an obsessive, reactive, workaholic, work-hard-play-hard culture, it is easy to lose a sense of self and forget self care. Especially as an introvert who is heavily involved in working in groups and teams and organizing people, it’s easy to ignore my own needs when I’m working towards a common goal. But after so long, I need to have that moment for myself.

Last night I watched 2.5 great movies on Netflix, by myself, with yarn strewn across my covers, and ate mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was the most enjoyable evenings I’ve had in a really long time.

Granny in the making

I love joking that I’d make the awesomest grandmother ever. Not mother. Just skip to the part when I can sit around retired and crafting for my progeny.

I finished using a majority of my scrap yarn making granny squares. It took me over a year to make 25 squares.

photo 1 copy

There is actually a methodical rule to how I laid these out to optimize the blanket’s visual cohesiveness. Each granny square is bordered by others that share at least one common color. Laying these out was quite a challenge, but I somehow was able to make it happen.

Because I had made these granny squares at different times, I kind of messed up by misplacing the hook I was using during a break and began again using a different size. Thus my granny squares are different sizes. I combined these two techniques to start joining together my squares:

Joining granny squares of different sizes

Granny square joining tutorial

photo 2 copy

This is my personal Facebook cover photo :D Maybe I should make it my blog banner too?

After I joined 5 squares into a row, I joined the 5 rows together.

photo 3

Weaving in the ends is going to be a pain.

I’m currently working on crocheting a border to frame the colorful center.

photo 4


photo 1photo 2

I’m also using a larger hook to do the joining because I thought it would make a larger blanket, which it does, but also causes curling. Yeah, newb crocheter status. Hopefully I can block that curling out, which will also be a challenge because the majority of this blanket is acrylic.

I’m just going to keep going around the border until I run out of this one pound skein I bought to bring this scrap project together. It may look like I have an actual plan to this project but I honestly just started making granny squares and then from there just took it one spontaneous step at a time. We’ll see where this project takes me.