WIPs and FOs of 2014

As the year ends I want to do one last update on the projects I’ve been working on. 2014 has been one heck of a year and I haven’t had much time to knit or write for this blog, but I have been super busy on other ventures, writing or otherwise.

In years past I have attempted to start blog series’ and have failed to keep up all of them. Sky Scarf Saturday had so much potential but I eventually could not keep up on knitting my daily rows and I couldn’t keep up on my photos. However, with one day left in 2014 I will give you a peek at the result this year’s high temperatures have given me.

IMG_4488_2 IMG_4491 IMG_4493_2 IMG_4499_2

My sky scarf is not completely finished yet, so it’s technically a WIP. There’s still one more day to record. I won’t be able to finish it up until I get back from studying abroad this January but I’m planning on blocking the wool to hopefully lengthen it and stretch it out a bit and then sew it into a cowl because it’s a bit short for a scarf.

An FO! If you recall from earlier this year’s knitting meltdown, I finally finished my first pair of gloves! They looked like this before, with one drastically larger than the other for a still unknown reason.


I frogged the large one and remade it so – voila!

IMG_4370IMG_4372 - Version 2

IMG_4381 IMG_4382

This one was a crochet quickie! A secret Santa present for a Chipotle loving buddy! (patterns here) I’m starting to love amigurumi and maybe I’ll do more in 2015.



In 2015 I’ll be still working on my granny square blanket and then I’ll have to look for some new knitting adventures! I’ve been and will be doing some traveling and you know what that means – yarn store hunting! Look out for a post on some cool NYC yarn stores in the near future. This also means potentially buying yarn so inspiration is abundant.



2014 Sky Scarf Project

The Sky Scarf project is a conceptual knitting project by Leafcutter Designs whose outcome is dependent entirely on the weather observations of the knitter. The original pattern is based knitting a stripe based on the color of the sky for each day of the year. I found this project somewhere online in the past and for whatever reason, a couple days ago I remembered it again. Seeing as the new year is right around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to undertake this huge project. And I’m SUPER EXCITED. But rather than following the project exactly, I’m going to modify it slightly to create something that would be much more wearable than a sky blue scarf (because frankly, it’s not my color.)

Instead of the color of the sky, I’m going to be basing my stripes on high temperatures and instead of using colors that would traditionally associated with temperatures like cold blues and hot reds, I’m going to make a gray-scale scarf with pops of neon yellow for the hottest days. I deliberated over this a lot because I really wanted to make something where the heat of the summer could really be seen, but wearing rainbows isn’t my thing and I wanted to create something that I would wear a lot. In the end I think this idea would turn out pretty awesome. I also think I’m going to do a brioche stitch instead of garter like the original.

Because I’m an Excel nerd I generated what a prototype would look like based on 2013’s weather data. I downloaded some historical data and did some conditional cell formatting and this is what it would look like:

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 12.04.03 PM

Here’s my color chart. If only I could figure out how to put a table into WordPress…

  • Color – Temperature Range (Fahrenheit)
  • JUVELWOSMC.880.mediumThumb.1 < 32
  • JUVELWOSMC.500.mediumThumb.1 33 – 41
  • JUVELWOSMC.005.mediumThumb.1 42 – 50
  • JUVELWOSMC.002.mediumThumb.1 51 – 59
  • JUVELWOSMC.990.mediumThumb.1 60 – 68
  • JUVELWOSMC.980.mediumThumb.1 69 – 77
  • JUVELWOSMC.001.mediumThumb.1 78 – 86
  • imgres > 86

I can’t wait for my yarn to come so I can start this. Like every year I try to up my blogging game and this year with this project I’m hoping to be able to do a weekly/biweekly post for my Sky Scarf update. If anyone else wants to join me on this project kind of like a knit-a-long you are welcome to come along for the ride!