Fall Craft Haul

Every time I write a new post, it always starts with “it’s been quite a while.”

It’s not that I don’t have time to craft but that it’s become such a hassle to figure out good lighting to take a picture, edit, upload, and write. However, here’s a handful of things I’ve been working on over the past couple months.

I bought an iPad mini as a self birthday gift and made a sock out of some of the self-striping yarn I bought in Hong Kong a couple summers ago.



I bedazzled mini pumpkins!


I’ve also been slowly working on my granny square blanket. It’s a loooooong process.


Next up I’ll being doing a long overdue Sky Scarf update.

Fall Spirit

It’s been a long time since I wrote something about knitting.

IMG_2672I’m a sucker for impulse projects. This took me about a week, but a couple days too late to wear to regular football game. Maybe this Saturday will be cold enough to show this off at the Delaware-Villanova game. (Find the pattern here.)

The pattern is written flat, but it’s was easy enough to translate it into the round. I’ve been hooked on fair isle color work since I made my first fair isle hat last winter.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall at UD

A little wreath and origami turkey I made for my dorm door

Turkey with a side of Instagram

It’s a day late, but happy Thanksgiving! I’m spending it with some family and delicious food. I didn’t go Black Friday shopping today, but I’m in desperate need of a trip to the local Michaels. I need some more supplies to make my Christmas gifts. I’m thankful for my family, friends, and all of the opportunities life has given me. I’m so fortunate to have what I have after listening to some of my friends’ life stories lately. Sometimes you take the little things for granted.

I’ve knitted 2/8 Christmas gifts for my friends so far. And since it is now appropriate to listen to Christmas music, I have a feeling a lot of it will be the background noise for my gift knitting. Happy holidays!

A Sweater For Myself: Cropped Boatneck Sweater

Edit: You can now find the pattern here!

Over the summer I bought a whole bunch of yarn on clearance at Michael’s with the intention of making myself a sweater. At that time I had never made a sweater before and for all you knitters out there, you must have some understanding at how some large project like a sweater might be a little intimidating, especially if it’s you’re first of its kind. I wrote up this inspiration post and started my journey on finding the perfect pattern. As it turned out, I had to do a little improvising like a lot of my knitting because for some reason, me and knitting patterns aren’t really close friends. We hang out every once in a while but I like to go my own ways a lot of the time.

I ended up choosing the pattern for the boatneck sweater in my vintage Vogue Knitting, however, I didn’t have enough yarn and since the yarn I bought was in clearance, there was no way of knowing that there would be any of the same kind left. Lesson #1: Pick a pattern before your yarn (and needles, too) if you want to make something exactly as it says in the pattern. Otherwise you end up improvising and modifying like I always do.

So I had 3 skeins of the sparkly, beige yarn. My first thought was to knit it on bigger needles for it to knit up quicker and to use less yarn. Now I had to modify the pattern. The cool thing was that this Vogue Knitting is full of modular sweater patterns, which means you take your measurements and fill in the number for a perfect fit. I had to do one of my most often skipped steps of knitting and measure my gauge. The details are very fuzzy now, since I fixed the pattern over the summer, but somehow I went from there and decided that with my gauge, following the Children’s size (for stitches) rather than Women’s would make for a sweater that fit. And since I still wouldn’t have enough yarn, I decided to make a cropped sweater rather than a full length sweater and I had the option of either going 3/4 sleeve or full sleeve depending on how much yarn I had by the time I got to the sleeves. I was aiming for an oversized sweater, but when you improvise, you have to compromise. And it worked out, thankfully! Luckily, I was able to find the same yarn when I went to a different Michael’s to buy some other things and bought another skein so I was able to do full sleeves.

So I started the sweater over the summer and got interrupted by one of my high school friends asking me to make her a sweater, band camp, marching band, and school in general. One of the great things was that the newly created knitting club at my university allowed me to have at least one hour every two weeks to just focus on my knitting. And after one long, hectic week last week, I was happy to just sit in my room, relax, watch some TV, and knit. Oh, you know me, party all night long! That led to my sweater update. Now that I was on a roll, I wasn’t stopping. At knitting club last Thursday I finished knitting the last sleeve and went back to my room wove in the ends instead of finishing an essay I still haven’t finished. I blocked it, with the intention of finishing the sweater that night but seaming, my least favorite activity wouldn’t cooperate.

As you can see all it takes is 2 rectangles and 2 trapezoids.

Lesson #2: Mattress stitch is the best stitch ever. It allows for invisible seaming and works like magic. I began seaming my sleeves but I’m not too careful with it so my ends did not match so I undid it and finished my seaming Friday. Here are some photos of the gradual process.

Say hello to my arm because I only have one sleeve sewn on!

Oh hey it’s me again, wearing the completed sweater.

TA-DAH! I’ve garnered some interest for the pattern on my Tumblr when I posted an Instagram of this sweater so I’ll be working on writing an understandable pattern. This is also an exciting new step in my knitting – writing patterns for other people to use!

I can’t wait to wear this sweater! Unfortunately the weather in Delaware has been unpredictable and it has been feeling very un-fall-like lately. Hopefully the weather will cool down and I’ll be able to show you guys this sweater in action.