Friday Etsy Finds: Missing that sweater weather…

I may be of Southeast Asian descent but I have no tolerance for heat. I hate hot, humid summers and I’m craving for some weather that allows be to wear as many knitted garments as I wish, a pair of my many boots, and drink tea every day. But fall is just around the corner and soon I’ll be able to breathe in the crisp air of autumn. But for now, here’s a little taste…

Etsy Friday Finds: Dream Dorm Space

Dorm rooms are quite a hassel. They’re tiny. You might have to live there with a person you don’t even meet until the day you get there. You live there for about 9 months and then you have to leave. But you still have to make it yours. Here are some Etsy items I would love in my dream dorm:

Friday Etsy Finds: Mexico, Handmade

When I was in Cancun (or rather near Cancun) I saw so many gift shop selling Mexican handmade crafts. I’m such a newb blogger that I neglected to take photos of everything I saw. I just didn’t want anyone scolding me in Spanish for taking pictures in their shop! Among the things I saw, there were hand-painted ceramics like the ones I painted, all kinds of beaded bracelets and pouches, leather backpacks and bags, bags made from upcycled materials, traditional Mexican garb like peasant blouses and sombreros, and I even went into a store that was selling sweaters with the softest yarn I’ve ever touched. I wish they just sold the yarn…

So I got the most brilliant idea for this week’s Friday Etsy Find. I give you… Mexico, Handmade:

Friday Etsy Finds: In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!

I’m an a huge fan of the Sailor Moon series. I’ve been watching the anime since I was 5 and recently I decided to re-watch the entireseries. The manga is also being republished and I’ve been trying to keep up with these new translations as well. So when it was recently announced at Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary event that there was going to be a whole new anime, I was completely thrilled. I created this Etsy treasury to celebrate!


By the way, this post in on queue, so when this is posted on Friday, I’ll be on vacation in Cancun! Hope to bring back lots of pictures and stories to write about. It’ll be my first time on a plane and out of the country!