WIPs and FOs of 2014

As the year ends I want to do one last update on the projects I’ve been working on. 2014 has been one heck of a year and I haven’t had much time to knit or write for this blog, but I have been super busy on other ventures, writing or otherwise.

In years past I have attempted to start blog series’ and have failed to keep up all of them. Sky Scarf Saturday had so much potential but I eventually could not keep up on knitting my daily rows and I couldn’t keep up on my photos. However, with one day left in 2014 I will give you a peek at the result this year’s high temperatures have given me.

IMG_4488_2 IMG_4491 IMG_4493_2 IMG_4499_2

My sky scarf is not completely finished yet, so it’s technically a WIP. There’s still one more day to record. I won’t be able to finish it up until I get back from studying abroad this January but I’m planning on blocking the wool to hopefully lengthen it and stretch it out a bit and then sew it into a cowl because it’s a bit short for a scarf.

An FO! If you recall from earlier this year’s knitting meltdown, I finally finished my first pair of gloves! They looked like this before, with one drastically larger than the other for a still unknown reason.


I frogged the large one and remade it so – voila!

IMG_4370IMG_4372 - Version 2

IMG_4381 IMG_4382

This one was a crochet quickie! A secret Santa present for a Chipotle loving buddy! (patterns here) I’m starting to love amigurumi and maybe I’ll do more in 2015.



In 2015 I’ll be still working on my granny square blanket and then I’ll have to look for some new knitting adventures! I’ve been and will be doing some traveling and you know what that means – yarn store hunting! Look out for a post on some cool NYC yarn stores in the near future. This also means potentially buying yarn so inspiration is abundant.


Mayday, MAYDAY! This is a knitting EMERGENCY.

Never mind the fact that I have homework to do. How in the world did this happen?

IMG_3217I finally got around to working on my second glove and after finishing my first finger, I realized this happened. Yes, my right glove is longer than the left glove. I also figured out that I did the thumb gusset wrong the first time, but I didn’t think it would make a difference on the length so I let it slide when I figured out how to do it right the second time around. But then how come my gloves are so drastically different?? I can’t figure it out. I had the right number of stitches, but I guess my increase pattern was off. Maybe someone could help me see where I went wrong? I used this glove pattern generator.

It seems like I’m going to have to go back and start the first glove again after I finish the second one. And that this project probably won’t be complete for this season seeing as it is already spring. At least re-doing it will fix the problem of the palm being too loose on my first glove. I though something was funky because the fit was off. Damn, I was so proud of finishing my first glove, too.

WIP Wednesday 1/29/2014

This WIP Wednesday is exciting because I just finished knitting my first glove EVER! It’s not as hard as I imagined, but I did have some trouble with having gaps in between the fingers despite what the pattern said about not having any. I just seamed them up using the cast on tails.


I’m a little disappointed that the index finger is green while all the others are a shade of pink. You never know what you’re going to get with a variegated yarn like this so who knows what the second glove will bring.

A little photo collage of the process:IMG_3003

#nofilter I’m totally making a really cool gif while I make the second glove.

WIP Wednesday 1/22/2014

Snow days means you knit a lot. Yesterday I cast off a project, cast on a project, continued working a current project, and caught up on my Sky Scarf.

Cast off: Cabled Winter Headband

IMG_2965For some reason, I don’t think the pattern for the edges was correct. On one side I got a nice edge by slipping stitches and looked like just knits and the other side ended up looking like garter stitch.

The friend this was made for is currently in Europe right now. I wonder how I’m going to get it to her…

Cast on: My first pair of gloves – with fingers!

IMG_2983I’m using a gloves generator that customizes the pattern based on your gauge and size. And if you think it looks tiny for a 20-something girl, you’re right. I have tiny wrists and I’m making a children’s X-large because the adult X-small is still too big for me.

I bought this yarn in Hong Kong at Filo Kilo in Mongkok. It’s super super soft and a brand from Japan. I can’t wait until the colors start changing.


IMG_2985This has at most 5 more rows than the last time I had it on WIP Wednesday. I really should not have cast on another project but I really wanted to use my HK-bought yarn and I was getting tired of cables for a bit.