Chevron Blocks Beanie Pattern

Chevron Blocks Hat


2 or 3 colors of worsted weight yarn (this pattern works very well with scraps. I used some scraps of brown wool and Noro Silk Garden)

Size 6 16″ circular needles or set of double pointed needles

Size 8 16″ circular needles

Size 8 set of double pointed needles

(Note: When I made my hat, I did not use the smaller needles for the brim and it turned out a little loose so edited the pattern according to past experience making hats and reading other hat patterns.)


I don’t really do gauge. I know, it’s not a good habit, but if you make a lot of hats you can kind of just tell. Plus, the cheap brand of needles I’m using tend to knit a little tighter than I’m used to on my regular bamboo circulars.


One-size fits most adults


With smaller needles, cast on 88 stitches of Color 1.

Work in K2, P2 for 1 inch.

Change to bigger needles.

Work in stockinette stitch until piece for 2 inches.

Work chevron pattern according to chart. You will repeat the chart 8 times in one round.

Strand yarn behind work loosely (do not yarn).

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 11.08.20 AM

Cut Color 1, leaving 2 inch tail.

Work in stockinette stitch in Color 2 for 2 inches (measured from last row of chart). Piece should measure about 5 inches.

Repeat chart again. If using 2 colors, switch back to Color 1. If using 3 colors, switch to Color 3.

Cut Color 2, leaving 2 inch tail.

Knit 2 rounds in Color 2/3.

Decrease pattern:

Round 1: Repeat *K4, K2T, K5*.

Round 2: Knit

Round 3: Repeat *K3, K2T, K5*

Round 4: Knit

Round 5: Repeat *K2, K2T, K5*

Round 6: Repeat *K1, K2T, K5*

Round 7: Repeat *K2T, K5* until last 6 st, K2T K4 last time

Beginning of Round 8 will start on the last stitch of last round Round 7 (i.e., knit together last stitch of Round 7 and first stitch of Round 8.)

Round 8: Repeat *K2T, K3*

Round 9: Repeat *K2T, K2*

Round 10: Repeat *K2T, K1*

Round 11: K2T until end of round

Cut yarn and pass tail through stitches, closing hole.

Weave in loose ends.


Fall Spirit

It’s been a long time since I wrote something about knitting.

IMG_2672I’m a sucker for impulse projects. This took me about a week, but a couple days too late to wear to regular football game. Maybe this Saturday will be cold enough to show this off at the Delaware-Villanova game. (Find the pattern here.)

The pattern is written flat, but it’s was easy enough to translate it into the round. I’ve been hooked on fair isle color work since I made my first fair isle hat last winter.

Do you ever just?

Do you ever just get so obsessed with a math problem that you spend every spare minute you have all day trying to figure it out?

No? It’s just me?

In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the best use of the past 4 hours in which I could have spent getting a head start on my reading for this weekend and next week (aka birthday hell week). But I just can’t help it. When nature tempts me with a complicated math problem, I will stare it down until I can solve it. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. On one hand, I have perseverance and dedication. On the other, I have no tolerance for giving up even when it means I could be doing something more productive.

It’s just that the math class I’m in this semester is the toughest I’ve ever taken. The material is complicated, there’s calculus involved, and the professor is not the best teacher. And I’m not sure that I want to continue my math minor anymore, but I only have to take this class and one more next semester to complete it, so I’m sticking it out. While I wouldn’t become overly distressed if I got a *gasp* C in this course, I’d like to give it my best shot, even if it requires working on my homework more than a week before it’s due and spending hours on one problem.

Or maybe it was the fact that I was feeling like blech today and somehow that tiny epiphany I feel when figuring out a math problem made me feel a little bit better about myself? Like I accomplished something after skipping the gym, sitting through my least favorite class (this math class), and having a slow day at work. Maybe.

But in other news, I finished knitting a hat for my friend Carol, who was able to locate the four yarn bombs I placed on campus last Spring.


I saw Ed Sheeran play at UD the other night. And now I’m in concert withdrawal, so Kyle Patrick or Jesse Ruben come to the tri-state area please because I need to see you again! Ed was amazing. I had doubts about his stage presence but he really knew how to control the crowd.


And tomorrow (well, today at this point) I’m meeting my mentor! Whoo – excitement!

My Blumme Beanie

Last week I wrote up my fair isle inspiration post, and I at last chose and completed a pattern!

P1050980P1060008Can you see my mistake? I probably just obsess over tiny details but I messed up one row of the pattern by either skipping a row or doing a different row in its place. But for my first fair isle/stranded knitting I think I did a pretty good job!

What I love about the Blumme Beanie is that the color work is pretty simple which really brought out the beautiful colors of the Noro Silk Garden I was using. However, it ended up using so much less than I expected so now I have a lot more Silk Garden left over! Maybe I’ll make myself some matching mittens next.