Friday Etsy Finds: Mexico, Handmade

When I was in Cancun (or rather near Cancun) I saw so many gift shop selling Mexican handmade crafts. I’m such a newb blogger that I neglected to take photos of everything I saw. I just didn’t want anyone scolding me in Spanish for taking pictures in their shop! Among the things I saw, there were hand-painted ceramics like the ones I painted, all kinds of beaded bracelets and pouches, leather backpacks and bags, bags made from upcycled materials, traditional Mexican garb like peasant blouses and sombreros, and I even went into a store that was selling sweaters with the softest yarn I’ve ever touched. I wish they just sold the yarn…

So I got the most brilliant idea for this week’s Friday Etsy Find. I give you… Mexico, Handmade:

Tulum Ruins Photo Haul

Hey, it’s 2012! The world is supposed to end in 6 month, isn’t it? Maybe all those apocalypse theorists should visit the sources of their so-called predictions.

When I visited the Tulum Mayan ruins/Xelha river there was supposedly 156 days until the “end of the world.” A lot of people are missing out on the small but important fact that the Mayans were not predicting an apocalypse but the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Here is a collection of my best photos from my excursion to the Tulum ruins, as promised.

A little cloudy but if you love history like me, nothing can ruin a trip to… ruins…

The conquistadors were looking for gold? Well this is obsidian. It looks like gold in the sun and the Mayans traded the Aztecs for it.

The Mayans were pretty advanced in astronomy. That little arch was directly in front of the sun every Winter Solstice and they even had a seat to observe it from.

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Beaches, resorts, and ruins!

Hola, everyone! Yesterday I came back from Mexico. My family (immediate and some relatives) spent a week in a resort not exactly in Cancun, but about an hour away. While we weren’t staying in the famous vacationing spot, being a bit away allowed for less hectic beaches and an overall more relaxing vacation.

Last Sunday we woke up no so bright but very early at 3:30 to catch an 8:00 flight at the Philadelphia International. It was my first time on a plane! I guess never being on a plane is off my list of go-to fun facts that come in handy when playing those dumb ice-breaker games or introducing yourself to strangers. I’m left with 1) I love to knit (which is no fun fact if you read my blog lol) and 2) I have never broken a bone.

I kept myself busy making a “friendship” bracelet. Little did I know that this craft originated in Latin Native American culture. Mine was extremely simple compared to the artisan crafts that were being sold in souvenir shops but seeing all these handmade gifts inspired me for my next Friday Etsy Find.

Once we landed about 3 hours later, I guess you could say I was in for a little culture shock. The whole trip I wish I had taken Spanish for 5 years instead of French, although at the resort, there were people from all over the world. Of course many were Spanish speakers coming from all around Latin America but there were also a lot of people from France and other parts of Europe. And surprise, surprise there weren’t many Asians vacationing in Cancun, but once in a while we’d spot another family. We even overheard another Vietnamese family but even they were from France!

We stayed at a resort on the Riviera Maya. It was the cleanest beach I have ever been to. I can never look at Delaware beaches the same way, and my opinion of them had already deteriorated after spending some time in the Outer Banks and Florida.

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Mexico, Here I Come!

It’s hard to believe that on Sunday I’ll be waking up at 4am to catch a flight to this beautiful place:

Yep, I’m going to Cancun with my family for vacation!

It’s going to be quite an experience with a lot of firsts for me:

  1. My first time on a plane
  2. My first time visiting a foreign country
  3. My first time swimming in the Gulf of Mexico
  4. My first time visiting Mayan ruins, or any ancient ruins for that matter
  5. My first time snorkeling

This will bring me one step closer to my goal of being a world traveller. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures so I can blog about it when I get back because I’ll also be away from my computer and Internet connection for a whole week.

And after a lot of consideration, I have decided against bringing my knitting on the plane because first of all, my family has been getting on my case about me knitting all the time and not “enjoying the vacation” because I’ll be knitting (they just don’t understand!), and because it’ll take up more space on my carry on since I was planning on working on my sweater. I’ll be bringing some embroidery floss to make those friendship bracelets everyone made back in the day to keep crafty on the plane though.

I know it’s French, but I’ve only had a quarter semester of Spanish in all my schooling…

Bon voyage!