My Week in Photos: 365 Photo Challenge Week 2 (1/7/2013 – 1/13/2012)

This is proving to be more difficult than the first week. I found myself running out of time and frantically searching for an interesting shot in the late hours of the night (which sometimes technically counted for the next day.) And I’ll admit that I cheated. I used two photos from Saturday because I took a few good ones and didn’t get a chance to take any today. I got to show off the socks that I knot for myself. “Be Strong” was a cool tag I found attached to a bush near campus. Whenever I have to walk somewhere I’m now observant for any potential photos and it really helps me focus on my surroundings and admire the beauty of life.

I have 2 exams this week, eek! Wish me luck! I hope they aren’t too hard, but for now I’ll get back to watching Once Upon a Time.

My Week in Photos: 365 Photo Challenge Week 1 (1/1/2013 – 1/6/2013)

Happy Sunday! I said I was going to do it, so here’s the first week. I’m challenging myself to take at least one photo every day for one year, in hopes to become a better photographer and editor  Every Sunday I’ll be posting the photos I take from the past week. I’m already remembering to bring my camera most places and slowly figuring out the manual settings. Although sometimes I feel like people are judging me for whipping out my camera to take pictures of what seems like the most trivial of subjects. This’ll be a confidence booster too! It’ll be a fun way for my readers to see more about my personal life as well.

On another note, I finished my Duckies. I can’t wait to show you guys and I’ll definitely try to do an outfit post because I have these awesome boots to wear them with.

2013 Blog Resolutions

It’s New Years Eve! And you know what that means – time to make some resolutions. For 2013 and onwards I really want to improve my blog. I want to:

  1. Take better photos – With a little nudge from this post from A Beautiful Mess I’m going to be attempting a 365 photo project. I want to improve my digital photography skills and provide better photos for my blog.
  2. Create focus and quality – Sometimes I feel like I post a random smattering of things that I like, and well, it’s my blog and I should write what I like, but sometimes the things that interest me don’t interest my readers so I will focus more on the craft side of my life and less on the other things. I will still post whatever I want but more often about my knitting and DIYs and in better quality with conjunction with my photo challenge.
  3. Post more often and on time – I post in waves. There are weeks when I’m flooded with work and I have feel like I have no time to update my blog but in reality, I’m wasting it doing something unproductive (which is most likely crying fangirl tears on Tumblr, something I want to wean myself off of). There are things in my post idea notebook that I never got around to because by the time I think about writing a post, it’s not current and relevant anymore.

I think it’s better to have just a few resolutions than to try to cram your entire bucket list into one year. What are some of your New Years resolutions?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall at UD

A little wreath and origami turkey I made for my dorm door

Turkey with a side of Instagram

It’s a day late, but happy Thanksgiving! I’m spending it with some family and delicious food. I didn’t go Black Friday shopping today, but I’m in desperate need of a trip to the local Michaels. I need some more supplies to make my Christmas gifts. I’m thankful for my family, friends, and all of the opportunities life has given me. I’m so fortunate to have what I have after listening to some of my friends’ life stories lately. Sometimes you take the little things for granted.

I’ve knitted 2/8 Christmas gifts for my friends so far. And since it is now appropriate to listen to Christmas music, I have a feeling a lot of it will be the background noise for my gift knitting. Happy holidays!