My DIY: Neon Saddle Shoes

If you’ve been following me on my various social networks, you’ll know that I’ve been packing for college. Yes, it takes me a week because I don’t have the motivation to do it all in one day but I am slowly getting there. While I was going through my shoes (yes, I have a lot) I found these white canvas sneakers that I bought from H&M for $5 last summer.

I hadn’t worn them much but they still got dirty. Keeping white shoes white is difficult! Well I decided that since they were cheap and I didn’t wear them much anyways, I would give them a little sprucing up.


I didn’t have any fabric paint handy but I did have t-shirt puffy paint. I figured it would work the same way if squeezed onto a pallet and applied with a brush.

And this is what I ended up with…

I can’t wait to wear these for Neon Day at band camp! The flute section has a tradition of having a different themes and these are perfect for showing off my spirit!