New Pattern Crushes

I’m a stripe kind of girl but sometimes you need a little variation. My wardrobe is full of striped shirts and I’ll always go for a stripe rather than a plain top but recently I’ve fallen in love with new kinds of prints and patterns. I’m on the lookout for these awesome new prints.

1. Chevron

A twist on the average stripe.

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Get excited and make things!

I had been lacking on motivation to work on my Etsy shop until recently. I’m still on vacation mode. Before I left for Mexico I had knitted a few items and never got around to finish up, take photos of, and list. Well, I discovered this when I came back. After I came home from my internship on Wednesday I was so pumped to crank out all the work and get some material to promote my shop and increase views. I was in the middle of attached my chains to some of my bow bracelets when I realized…

I have a lot of extra jewelry chain.

So this happened:

I made a web bracelet. They’re pretty simple when you think of it. I added a bead from an old necklace I broke apart to embellish a t-shirt scarf.

When I finally got around to taking some photos, I came across a horrible truth. I am utterly unphotogenic. I much prefer being behind the camera. It didn’t help that I had to take pictures of myself and did not have a tripod. That’s why I stuck with headless shots for the photos on my listings. By chance, I got some kinda awesome, creepy shots like these:

I was just testing out the self timer and seeing whether I had the correct amount encyclopedia books stacked on the table on my patio. This was one of my crazier outfits, by the way. I didn’t wear the bow tie to work but it’s essentially the same outfit. (Shoes, skirt – Goodwill, top – Express, bow tie – myself.)

Anyway, check out my latest listings here, here, and here. I also listed a pair of vintage shoes that I thrifted but didn’t fit.