Philly and NYC Adventures!

Winter break has been great so far and I’ve been doing some urban exploration. My cousin and brother and I took a day trip up to Philly with the Philadelphia Magic Gardens as the main attraction.

I’m also currently in New York before I leave for Thailand! Here’s a little peek Loopy Mango which we stumbled upon on the way to lunch the other day. I’m pretty sure I saw them on Tumblr ages ago so this was exciting to find. I couldn’t buy anything because it was way over my budget but the oversized yarn and chunky knits were super cool.

Bonus! Here’s a Meiji period Japanese woman knitting in the form of woodblock print which was in a¬†Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit.


I’m still in New York for a couple more days (including New Years!) so there may be more adventures to come before an adventure on the other side of the world.


Hong Kong Yarn Hunt, The Long Overdue Part Trois

Sorry I haven’t been timely about this update but after coming back from Hong Kong, I’ve been swamped with getting things ready for my junior year of college, my new apartment, and band camp, but here I am with a free moment between the classes of my first day with time to actually organize my thoughts, pictures, and posts.

This post will consist of a random smattering of the last couple of yarn stores I visited in Hong Kong and a couple random ones I found along the way.

I was finally able to get inside Double Knit Yarn & Co located on Fa Yuen St. They had an amazing selection and I bought some neon yarn for only HK$25 per skein. The staff wasn’t very familiar with English, but let me browse and helped when they could.

I got to go back to Yoko Labs as well. I wasn’t comfortable taking photos inside since there were a few customers but I bought a sparkly crochet hook which I used extensively on my 17 hour layover in Moscow. Yoko Labs is located in Granville Circuit in Tsim Sha Tsui and was on the small side but still a nice shop with more of a focus on crochet and amigurumi.P1060958

Mui Tong Wools is located in Sheung Wan. The shop is small but jam-packed with yarns. I found an adorable Japanese teddy bear sweater pattern book with really cute illustrations and was so close to buying it, but I decided that it wasn’t worth it.

P1060968As you may have noticed, I got a bit discouraged from taking pictures inside because I didn’t want people to yell at me in Cantonese.

Tailor and Alteration in Causeway Bay took me a while to find their new location. The first time I searched it I didn’t know they moved, but I got the chance to be in Causeway Bay again to do some HR paperwork for my internship so I took the opportunity to find it. I’m glad I did because the selection was great. I didn’t buy anything because I was already packed and bought too much yarn. This was the last yarn store I visited in Hong Kong. They were a little messy since they seemed to be in the process of moving in but the staff was helpful when needed.

I’ve already mentioned a yarn store I stumbled across in the Dragon Centre in Sham Shui Po, but it turns out that there are actually a couple of them in the Apple Mall, and right next to each other.

And there’s a store that sells belts in the Argyle Centre that also sells yarn! I believe it is on the 3rd floor. The Argyle Centre was my favorite place to buy clothes and it was right by my workplace so I went a few times.

IMG_2077Okay! I’m done! I think! I will organize this in some way for readers who are interested in making some stops in Hong Kong. I have literally traveled up and down the island visiting yarn shops so I know of places no matter where you are in Hong Kong Island or New Territories. Bye, time for math class. :)



Travel Preparations of a Knitter

This comic featured on Lion Brand’s Facebook appeared on my newsfeed today. Why is it so true?

“Look for yarn shops at travel location”

“Create yarn shop route”

I didn’t bring a project with me because I figured I wouldn’t have time, which is partially true, but I did end up buying notions to start a project hehe.

And a third post about Hong Kong yarn shops is long overdue but I’m going to try to hit up the last few before I leave this crazy city next Friday. Eep! Only one week left here!?!?

Beaches, resorts, and ruins!

Hola, everyone! Yesterday I came back from Mexico. My family (immediate and some relatives) spent a week in a resort not exactly in Cancun, but about an hour away. While we weren’t staying in the famous vacationing spot, being a bit away allowed for less hectic beaches and an overall more relaxing vacation.

Last Sunday we woke up no so bright but very early at 3:30 to catch an 8:00 flight at the Philadelphia International. It was my first time on a plane! I guess never being on a plane is off my list of go-to fun facts that come in handy when playing those dumb ice-breaker games or introducing yourself to strangers. I’m left with 1) I love to knit (which is no fun fact if you read my blog lol) and 2) I have never broken a bone.

I kept myself busy making a “friendship” bracelet. Little did I know that this craft originated in Latin Native American culture. Mine was extremely simple compared to the artisan crafts that were being sold in souvenir shops but seeing all these handmade gifts inspired me for my next Friday Etsy Find.

Once we landed about 3 hours later, I guess you could say I was in for a little culture shock. The whole trip I wish I had taken Spanish for 5 years instead of French, although at the resort, there were people from all over the world. Of course many were Spanish speakers coming from all around Latin America but there were also a lot of people from France and other parts of Europe. And surprise, surprise there weren’t many Asians vacationing in Cancun, but once in a while we’d spot another family. We even overheard another Vietnamese family but even they were from France!

We stayed at a resort on the Riviera Maya. It was the cleanest beach I have ever been to. I can never look at Delaware beaches the same way, and my opinion of them had already deteriorated after spending some time in the Outer Banks and Florida.

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