Friday Etsy Finds: When The Band Comes Marching In

This will sadly be my last Friday Etsy Find as this Sunday I’ll be shipped off to endure a long week under the blazing sun at band camp and off to my studies as the school year rolls around. But it hasn’t left me without a theme to collect for this week. Enjoy some of this nifty vintage band paraphernalia with When The Band Comes Marching In:


Friday Etsy Finds: Missing that sweater weather…

I may be of Southeast Asian descent but I have no tolerance for heat. I hate hot, humid summers and I’m craving for some weather that allows be to wear as many knitted garments as I wish, a pair of my many boots, and drink tea every day. But fall is just around the corner and soon I’ll be able to breathe in the crisp air of autumn. But for now, here’s a little taste…

Etsy Friday Finds: Dream Dorm Space

Dorm rooms are quite a hassel. They’re tiny. You might have to live there with a person you don’t even meet until the day you get there. You live there for about 9 months and then you have to leave. But you still have to make it yours. Here are some Etsy items I would love in my dream dorm: