DIP Showcase and Sky Scarf Saturday 5/10/2014

First, I’d like to apologize for missing a Sky Scarf Saturday post 2 weeks ago. But this post is going to make up for it.

Today has been an exciting day in the knitting world of GirlMeetsYarn! I was showing my work at a showcase by a new club at UD called DIP (Design, Innovation, and Positivity Club). Like I mentioned in my previous post, one of the club’s founders came across my work through a Google search. I was unsure of what to make for my exhibit. I had never displayed my work in a situation like this before. But after a bit of thought, I had a spark of genius of combining my work with technology and blogging. After all, it is what I do on here.

I decided on a photo collage mimicking the style of Instagram. I had square photos of some old Instagrammed and edited photos printed at Walgreens and painted an art board.

I was so amazed by the result! I’m definitely keeping it and hanging it up in my new apartment next year.

But after I got this ball rolling I couldn’t stop coming up with new ideas for by display. I knew I was going to demo by finishing up some rows of my Sky Scarf and crocheting some more granny squares out of scrap yarn. However, I wanted it to be interactive! So I decided that I would let observers pick the colors for my new granny squares. At the last minute I also decided that I was going to play the video of me spinning yarn on loop to demonstrate how I made my own yarn. Here’s how the display turned out.

Everyone who came to look at my display and talked to me about my work was so nice! Everyone seemed genuinely interested and impressed. I handed out a lot of business cards, so I should get this blog cleaned up a bit and update my resume! A lot of people had questions about Etsy and how I made things. It was an amazing experience. I especially loved talking to the older women and there was one really adorable little girl who helped me pick out colors for a granny square.

People were very interested in my Sky Scarf. What can I say, it’s probably the coolest project I’ve taken up in my entire 10 years of knitting. So now for your Sky Scarf update.


I definitely want to keep doing exhibits like these in the future. Maybe it’s time for my knitting to be stepped up into more of an art form. We’ll see where this goes. ‘Til next time!

Am I a Real Artist Now?

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a fellow UD student about exhibiting my knitting and crochet at a student showcase for a new club here. He told he was googling and found my blog. Super cool, right?!?

I’m going to have a an awesome poster of my past projects (well, I need to make still it but I imagine it’d be awesome) and will be doing a live and interactive crochet demo.

If you are in the Newark, DE area, stop by the first ever DIP Project Showcase. Saturday May 10th!

Facebook event details.

P.S. Allergies suck.

P.S.S. I haven’t been here much because I’ve been focusing on my new blog, 31 Poems of AAPIHM, poems for Asian American Heritage Month.

Fall Spirit

It’s been a long time since I wrote something about knitting.

IMG_2672I’m a sucker for impulse projects. This took me about a week, but a couple days too late to wear to regular football game. Maybe this Saturday will be cold enough to show this off at the Delaware-Villanova game. (Find the pattern here.)

The pattern is written flat, but it’s was easy enough to translate it into the round. I’ve been hooked on fair isle color work since I made my first fair isle hat last winter.

A case against “major/minor only” course enrollments

Spring semester registration at the University of Delaware starts this week. And because I love doing scheduling and planning I could not wait to open up that spreadsheet I made Freshman year that detailed my coursework for all 4 years of college and see how on track I was.

As someone with a very strict course map for her major and two completely different minors outside of the business college, having a guide to work by is absolutely necessary. I figured out that I could finish both my major and two minors perfectly taking 5 classes each semester with no wiggle room. Well, things changed when I was able to take two classes over a winter session and study abroad for credit.

I now have two spots for business-related electives and two free spots to take any elective I want.

Except not really.

I threw around a lot of ideas – entrepreneurship classes, non-profit management classes, database management classes, sociology classes, women’s studies classes. But as I looked up the requirements and prerequisites, I saw a lot of these classes were reserved for majors or minors only, even if they were introductory level. Everyone I’ve talked to suggests that could get into those classes and do the minor as well. Trust me, if I could I would add approximately 10,000 more minors to my degree, but I’m not that crazy. As much as I wish I were Hermione Granger, I don’t have a Time Turner that allows me to have an impossible schedule.

I really don’t like that some of the University’s policies prevent students from taking classes outside of their discipline. I want to take these classes because I believe they will be a benefit as someone who wants to run her own society improving start up one day. I’m not a school to earn a grade, I’m here to learn something that I can use later on in life. Why must a student jump through hoops to be able to expand their knowledge to include other topics?

I understand that the school needs to be able to guarantee that those who need to be in the classes will get them, but why restrict them from the rest of the student body completely?

With that being said, I chose Introduction to Entrepreneurship as my elective for this spring. There’s only 20 spots so I hope I can into the class. Fingers crossed!