Sky Scarf Saturday 8/2/2014

I haven’t done a Sky Scarf Saturday update since June (eep!) and it’s August now. The summer has flown by so quickly. The seasons are really showing in my scarf and I love the neon pops.


It’s currently around 33 inches and it’s half done. I’m not sure if only making it for 2014 will be long enough for my liking. It might take longer to make, which is depressing because I really, really want to wear it ASAP. Patience, grasshopper.




Sky Scarf Saturday 6/7/2014

It’s been a while since my last Sky Scarf Saturday. I had to catch up on a couple weeks worth of knitting this morning due to the busyness of finishing up school, moving out, and starting my new job.

But I’ve got exciting news for you: It reached a high temperature of above 86 degrees this past week, which meant I got to unravel my skein of neon yarn this morning.


Although it is a bit of annoyance to add back colors I haven’t used in a while, I love the randomness of how singular stripes look against a mostly dark or light background. I’m totally geeking out over the nerdiness of this scarf.

Sky Scarf Saturday 4/19/2014

I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a couple updates. I have been completely swamped with work and planning activities for my clubs. I think I caught up on two weeks worth on knitting on Wednesday of this week. But it’s exciting! I’m starting to see a difference in seasons. :D



It was actually therapeutic to end a week of chaos, running around, talking to people, and getting things done to sit down and knit for 30 minutes .I like to call it ‘creative therapy.’ I need to remember to do it more often.

Sky Scarf Saturday 2/15/2014

Who’s knitting a Sky Scarf and is so done with the snow?


I am welcoming Spring with open arms. Where are you, Spring??

But no matter how much I hate the weather right now, it is pretty awesome that I can document it with a scarf.


Those two blocks of Linen Heather are two giant snow storms, but I’m ready to phase of out this color into my greys and charcoals.