Mayday, MAYDAY! This is a knitting EMERGENCY.

Never mind the fact that I have homework to do. How in the world did this happen?

IMG_3217I finally got around to working on my second glove and after finishing my first finger, I realized this happened. Yes, my right glove is longer than the left glove. I also figured out that I did the thumb gusset wrong the first time, but I didn’t think it would make a difference on the length so I let it slide when I figured out how to do it right the second time around. But then how come my gloves are so drastically different?? I can’t figure it out. I had the right number of stitches, but I guess my increase pattern was off. Maybe someone could help me see where I went wrong? I used this glove pattern generator.

It seems like I’m going to have to go back and start the first glove again after I finish the second one. And that this project probably won’t be complete for this season seeing as it is already spring. At least re-doing it will fix the problem of the palm being too loose on my first glove. I though something was funky because the fit was off. Damn, I was so proud of finishing my first glove, too.

First Crochet Blanket!

One by one I am mastering the yarn arts. A couple days ago on a snowy day I finished crocheting my first blanket.

I started this project as an impulse project while I was in Hong Kong this summer as a plane ride project. I (also impulsively) bought this cheap lime-greenish yarn from a street market vendor in Fa Yuen and when I looked back on all my yarn purchases, I really could not remember why I had decided that this color was a great idea. I would never wear it and I had so much that I decided a lap blanket/throw would be a good use of the yarn.


Me in the Moscow airport, crocheting and searching for Edward Snowden ha!

After approximately 10 years of knitting, I think I’m finally getting a little jaded by it so this was my main project for a while. And now it’s finally done! After I finished all my green yarn, it was still a little small so I collected a bunch of old yarn from my stash that I thought would make a good color scheme to make a granny square border.

P1070548 P1070551 P1070553

I didn’t use a pattern because I don’t really know how to read crochet patterns yet but this is how I did it:

I cast on a bunch of stitches and repeated a pattern of 3 rows of single crochet and 1 row of double crochet until I ran out of yarn. It was roughly square shaped. Then I added a granny square border, switching colors for every row.The finishing edge is 3 rows of single crochet. Basically I just improvised.

When newbies came to Knitting and Crochet club and asked me which is easier, I never really had an answer. Now that I’ve had some crochet experience I think crochet is actually easier and more flexible. But I personally like the look of knitting better. Haha I’m just a little biased!

Now that I’m nearly done with the semester I guess I should start thinking about Christmas presents… what are your holiday crafting plans?

Fall Spirit

It’s been a long time since I wrote something about knitting.

IMG_2672I’m a sucker for impulse projects. This took me about a week, but a couple days too late to wear to regular football game. Maybe this Saturday will be cold enough to show this off at the Delaware-Villanova game. (Find the pattern here.)

The pattern is written flat, but it’s was easy enough to translate it into the round. I’ve been hooked on fair isle color work since I made my first fair isle hat last winter.

My Blumme Beanie

Last week I wrote up my fair isle inspiration post, and I at last chose and completed a pattern!

P1050980P1060008Can you see my mistake? I probably just obsess over tiny details but I messed up one row of the pattern by either skipping a row or doing a different row in its place. But for my first fair isle/stranded knitting I think I did a pretty good job!

What I love about the Blumme Beanie is that the color work is pretty simple which really brought out the beautiful colors of the Noro Silk Garden I was using. However, it ended up using so much less than I expected so now I have a lot more Silk Garden left over! Maybe I’ll make myself some matching mittens next.